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Our Success: A Passion for Progress and Integrity


At Applied Thermal Fluids, we believe that our success is best reflected through your success

Achieving Success through Specialty Lubricants Products by Extending the Life of Industrial Machines and Equipment's

Applying the Best Technology and Greatest Human Talent to Benefit Our Customers and the World

  • Few companies can rival Applied Thermal Fluid’s steady rise during the last half century to rank among the most innovative and successful industrial enterprises, widely known for our management process, sustained financial performance and operational excellence. What began in late 2000’s as a small warehouse in Anaheim, California, has grown into a global technology and solutions provider that meets some of the world’s most significant challenges.
  • Applied Thermal Fluids combines the best technology and the world’s greatest human talent to create solutions for the benefit of our customers and the world. We succeed by thoughtfully applying this principle to help our customers grow, to improve quality of life and to meet important business and social challenges.
  • Applied Thermal Fluid’s long-term success ultimately depends on our management team’s ability to maintain our conviction and continually reshape our approach in a dynamic world. Our management values and beliefs begin with integrity: We insist on integrity in everything we do. In addition, our focus on sustainable business practices and decisions guides our management and approach to social stewardship. We firmly believe that these principles directly support our primary obligation to manage for the benefit of our stakeholders “Our  Customers”.
  • Day-to-day, this means investing in people, cultivating leaders, focusing on innovation for our customers, creating jobs and economic development, delivering solutions that enhance living standards, and assisting the efforts that sustain a healthy and safe world.
  • While much remains for all of us to accomplish, we take enormous pride in Applied Thermal Fluid’s contributions and in the skills and momentum that we bring to critical issues in today’s world.

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