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Royco 44 Grease Petrolatum SAE-AMS-2518 – 1.75 LB

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Royco 44 is packaged in 1.75 pound can containers.

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Royco 44 Grease Petrolatum SAE-AMS-2518 – 1.75 LB

Royco 44 is a heavy-duty antiseize compound developed for use on aircraft engine spark plugs, igniters, and threaded fasteners and fittings. Royco 44 has a consistency similar to modelling clay and is black in color.

Intended Use of Royco 44 Grease Petrolatum SAE-AMS-2518

 Royco 44 is recommended for use as an Antiseize compound for threaded fasteners and fittings as well as spark plugs, igniters, and similar threaded aircraft engine accessory equipment requiring an electrically conductive Antiseize compound or torque aid. This compound may be safely used in contact with corrosion resistant metals such as austenitic stainless steels, titanium, nickel, and cobalt alloys.

Advantages of Royco 44 Grease Petrolatum SAE-AMS-2518

  • Prevents threaded fasteners from binding

Compatability of Royco 44 Grease Petrolatum SAE-AMS-2518

Due to the graphite compound in ROYCO 44, this material should not be used in contact with aluminum, magnesium, cadmium, or zinc alloys and platings without prior evaluation. Because ROYCO 44 conducts electricity
readily, the mating of dissimilar alloys, which may create an electrical potential, should be avoided.

Qualifications/Specifications Met by Royco 44 Grease

ROYCO 44 meets the requirements and is qualified to the latest revision level of SAE-AMS-2518, which supersedes
and replaces MIL-SPEC: MIL-T-5544.

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