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Royco 49 MIL-DTL-23549D Extreme Pressure Grease 35 LB Pail

$ 520.60

Royco 49 is packaged in 35 pound pail and 400 pound drum containers.


Royco 49 MIL-DTL-23549D Extreme Pressure Grease 35 LB Pail

Royco 49 is a smooth, buttery, gray-black mineral oil based grease. The grease uses an inorganic gel thickener and microfine molybdenum disulfide that is compounded with additives to impart oxidation resistance, water washout and both fresh and salt-water corrosion protection.

Intended Use Royco 49 Grease MIL-DTL-23549D

Royco 49 is intended for use in applications where severe operating conditions may include temperatures as high as 400° F, low to moderate speeds, high loads, extreme pressure and a salt water or high pressure steam environment. Royco 49 exhibits excellent resistance to water washout.

Advantages of Royco 49 Grease MIL-DTL-23549D

  • Functions well at high operating temperatures
  • Outstanding water washout characteristics
  • Excellent rust and oxidation resistance

Limitations of Royco 49 Grease MIL-DTL-23549D

ROYCO 49 should not be used in high-speed anti-friction bearings without prior performance evaluation.

Qualifications/Specifications Met by Royco 49 Grease MIL-DTL-23549D

ROYCO 49 meets all requirements and is qualified against the latest revision level of MIL-SPEC: MIL-DTL-23549D,
which supersedes MIL-G-23549C.


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Additional information

Weight 41 lbs
Dimensions 13 × 13 × 16 in


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