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Royco 81MS MIL-DTL-25681 Synthetic DOD-L-25681 – 1.75 LB

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Royco 81MS is packaged in 24 x 1-Quart Cans and 1.75 pound can containers.


Royco 81MS MIL-DTL-25681 Synthetic DOD-L-25681 – 1.75 LB

Royco 81MS is a high temperature semi-fluid lubricant formulated with microfine molybdenum disulfide and a thermally stable polysiloxane based synthetic oil. This gray-black mixture may be applied via paint brush, squirt can, or pressure applicator. The microfine particles of “Moly” adhere and penetrate metal surfaces thereby providing lubrication and Antiseize protection even when the oil component is removed.

Intended Use of Royco 81MS MIL-DTL-25681 Synthetic DOD-L-25681

  • Royco 81MS is designed for use on slow speed sliding metal on metal surfaces operating at temperatures up to 750 F.
  • Royco 81MS may also be used as an Antiseize compound on threaded parts at temperatures up to 1400 F.

Advantages Royco 81MS MIL-DTL-25681 Synthetic DOD-L-25681

• Prevents threaded parts from seizing at high temperatures
• Reduces equipment wear

Qualifications/Specifications Met by Royco 81MS Synthetic High-Temperature Lubricant DOD-L-25681


NATO Code S-1735


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Additional information

Weight 2.1 lbs
Dimensions 5 × 5 × 5 in


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